Vulture Rank up, First Impressions & Gameplay – Marvel Strike Force

July 29, 2019

heyo Tony bang here hello Malcolm batten are our first impressions for marvel strike force now we have our final member of the sanest of sex with a gang has no complete and it has vulture so unless video we have 16 of his orbs to open so we'll be unlocking them from now hopefully we can get some next drops for a change I open 10 red star orbs as well so active all benefit from them pray nice and then once we've done that we'll rank him up have a look at his abilities what I've got my initial thoughts on them and then we'll have school gameplay we will show off his animations and then finally we're going to Nexus 5 point main that's always a fun one to Kenworth with new characters to see how they perform so let's jump in and get the orbs open first here we go then 16 in total hopefully we see some blurs and some potholes not too many games here starting off with two of the minimum they're set shards minimum once again 8 shards a blue which is a 12 which is on the law side back to green again my this corn really bad bitch I've seen this this is most adorable turns green again blue this time enough 12 cloves and most we've had 20 this time is better I need a pot full or do you think when you're buying teens look to the planks that should guarantee you a pot will drop or something along the lines of that make it feel a lot better almost done a Fink potentially in there now the final one yeah that's the FINA one that was pray orrible 154 there blast from 16 of the orbs so what's that that's run about eight maybe nine on average put on that's really pretty bad so there's a gear we've got is whale let's jump in now and I'm gonna try my luck with their red stars we've got ten of the red stars talking if we get enough high pools that we can gain only or been a wolf in that as well but I would need to get a feed a moment here so that's two star as only a fight percent buff you really want three in for upwards for it to be useful did he start Black Panther there was an upgrade ever-so-slightly layouts by one start so an extra 5% on him I suppose he's a terrible drops even by my standards of luck that was absolutely horrible football for them there so there we go what figure out grade wise to start vote char three-star Black Panther on one star I'm Anika Chavez so let's jump on now and we'll get Volk Shara ranked up before we actually go in and unlock home here with a quick look it has stats and all sweet streets no standoff of traits you get felon SETI Tech Bravo's by the way sinister sex by the verse and sinister sex are getting more interesting with all these characters then you've got the tank tag once again so more take your unfortunately now when we look at verse that see honest is our label to unlock and I've put them all into my spreadsheets or health would come out at any Leighton as law but eyes to be expected for our blaster class damage has come in and addy which seems to pay a law because some part of us can they can hopefully compensate for that and extend as almost very med range that would be a see focuses 72 so that would be a beer Aten resistances donor and EDM so he will be susceptible to debuff and then finally has speed is one two seven which is exceptionally fast it's probably up there maybe top five in the game where that speed saw us if I had there any Nathan pushing cost I need plus if there was such I've eaten but that says that's and also easy treat so what I'll do is I'll quickly Gwen and I actually rank them all the graph box here come to learned about level 16 okay these abilities up to label sex for active ones for for the passive and then we'll have an actual look at liabilities so I'm actually I'm up to here denying then take years get really sparse at the woman we're finding probably the last 10 releases or something like that or bean cake can it does know he's 24,000 power anyway so let's go in and have a look at these abilities I've got more level sex for active ones already and our other app so you can see what it would be from max though so the basic heat is left off that's particular one you attack primary target for two hundred and fifty percent damage and you do an additional forty percent damage per negative effect so certain teams are likes of venom and carnage I could be a whole lot of damage or do nothing on a basic you could be having a bit of 500 600 percent damage on it which is pretty amazing now we didn't have the spatial which shows faith in flight this one here is four times the charge comes fully charged so the intention is that you do use a stun number one name of this one here you attack primary and all adjacent targets will be four three hundred percent damage you'll always apply slow when this is maxed out and you apply offense down to set a hero for two tunnels grab-bag deference from level 6 to 7 you get 100% chance of the small run on 70% you can additional 60% damage and you know faint stones always for 2 tons is where 1 if it's on a city-hero you're gonna want to apply this on punish us when it fires off he's altima and then you'll be doing half damage on it so this is one you would probably want to make so see we then have supersonic which is their ultimate you use a stun number two so you attack on all enemies for 320 percent damage so it's nice that it's all enemies and not just adjacent and you're changing their speed bar by minus 25% that's actually really pretty powerful for that one and due to the addition of 60% damage you know targets and this speed bag and owned by 5% for old targets as well I think this is another one you want to use your tier 4 material was on now finally for the abilities we have scavenger this one here is quite locked going on so one spawn your foe speed bar 10% 10% speed bar per set II hero enemy on Ally def you have max they will be a hundred percent chance to gain deflect and on enemy def you change speed bar by my C it will be 25% as opposed to 10% and level 5 so it's pretty huge as well and then finally you gain 10% block chance for each psyche hero enemy so you got begins the defenders team you're looking at 50 st. block chance there so again upgrade wise back defense between level 4 and level 5 and one that I would see it would be what we're going for this mainly for the speed bar manipulation on enemy they're going from 10 percent all the way up to 25 percent let's pray huge yeah from these abilities it looks like he certainly could be on the stronger side certain a lot stronger than the last heater we had a Mysterio now one thing a dead not listed before we can ensure off for the gameplay as looking he's character model actually looks like he's watching a game of tennis and this is something that once you see it it's impossible to unsee unfortunately so you can find me for that let's check out the animations so we'll keep this bead on x one here accesses pure ledge this short animations and then once we've done this we'll run the full size to 16 against Ultima so we've got the special to start here attacking adjacent targets as well let's fire this off there we go nice animation on it as well without it took all them out then we've got their BC let's see what can animation we get actually we've got feather soft will actually finish the match already so let's not do her let's see the basic next that's nice like the way pulls up your legs before slipping down the wings are nice the way they're moving a boat appears it does that when you may be defeating an enemy and you get an additional speed let's go for the basic again here what for the basic one more time so you can get a definite animation and then we'll fight off the ultimate goal once again and then we'll do the ultimate the funny shot pianist would take her than demeaning characters yeah you can see the weddings gone up when he gets that additional speed bar along he's one to seven speed he's definitely going to be praised happy let's go for this one though there we go and that's them down so it's animations let's go in against Optimus and see how we go on so this is a fool so it's the sex team were using here we've got Mysterio Raynal vulture pink Goblin hanging in the background there and then we have chakras will always get chakra and a little mixed up all the time it's just a mental block I have way from bus definitely chakra sore let's jump and see how we go on because these are all relatively new characters or actually keep on times one again here reckon there will be a good chance we can actually take all to miss down we didn't do in the last video when we had misty do but we were lesson vulture from the team the wife I'm a deed and I think I should be enough to push this team through let's see let's plant up here I'll get one shot ease but run of that than any of this sinister sex characters that we want to show off you send a look pretty nice oldest they love them anyway there we go so we'll start off with this one here will be chanced applies law what we doing anything no Garcetti he no tag coheeries st that's not much of a surprise to be honest it does resist a whole lot and we've got the fence up but on characters parlament on the one of the worst ones it went on Mysterio a Fink and then from here while we go forward with misty do so it's to 90 damage that's when it plays blamed let's go for that actually never got my knees they're playing out there there's an assister as well and another assess actually we've got a shot-caller stain it's a really nice to go with us one let's go for the charge in a time Pullman time doughnuts gun don't press Lord or a little thing we'll be taking about here let steam power level wise at all as really play a law that all drone about twenty five phones enough so you see the speed bar going down there speed by manipulation and the Volk should as nice was a nice hat from chakra awesome animation there I so do a lot of damage throwing it's good enough to pull him down though well fifty thousand or something in he's not very ranked up might she's were only around about fifty key power level ways we're going to get defeated again here potential they were definitely not going to take it out anyway I think you want to drop someone in there that could apply a lot of debuff for a vote shot to really take advantage and I think I would help out a lot just ton for or ton free ton number three there we go beaten it unfortunately hopefully that was still a good showcase know what I'm tend to do but I need to work my way up and Blatz let's get to some TDA blacks now one through so much use got against the defenders and I'll see you up against some of the meter Teamsters be able to see how they get on but as always hope this video has been helpful make sure to hit the like button leave a comment below to help drive the traffic because once again YouTube seems they're not be recommending my buddy was very much and if you've not yet subscribed and you enjoying the content feel free to do so as well but thanks for children and see you all again soon you

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