July 24, 2019

welcome to episode number 7 of this let's play series we're playing Warhammer 40,000 Gladius relics at war with the chaos space marines dlc pack installed and we're just trying to sort of bake these in slavers to come back across and protect their protect here area there siren caster back over this site so we just want to kill that kill that off if we can so we're setting up these Kaos spawns to be the but to be the the target essentially of this thing we're only gonna get one really one sort of melee unit in there but we're going to have to then sort of try to shoot it down using a couple of these so we'll get there eventually but it'll just take a little bit of time so we'll end our turn see what they will get up to carrying that side okay back move this one over we don't need this anymore in here if it looks like we're going to be sort of a bit stuck there so I'll move all of these this way and we'll just use the two the two of these to send in sort of just do the job so I'll leave this one back in here because he can he can really race forward and and catch things very very quickly just give it some space stop stacking in keep someone coming through or just grab that one there while we're here moving forward so a long way away now from our from our base that'll be alright just keep this thing floating around back in here and we'll move this one down alright so we'll end our turn there so we want to do just sort of keep on firing at this thing bring it down did we get the shot no we don't castle start to bring these back away now one more shot and we should have it down where wasn't this one across still stuck what a ways down there alright so we've now found ourselves and all city so we've got the OP city down below us I won't go in just yet I'll wait until I sort of see what what the lay of the land is you need to bring these across this commander I'll just brief that one across as well it's another jakirah trader and we're gonna have a pivot that we can then spend on the heroes as well once we get there yes work out well got another one of these and I do want to just keep tabs on what's happening in the middle here there's not very pretty much these guys don't have a ranged attack keep an eye on what we can sort of see across that other side they went to sleep now we don't need any more of those order cities back up through this side still we've now got this one we where we can go and get some more pins so we've just grabbed that one and we can still now get even more of these I don't know whether I should get another one oh sure can't afford it I can't afford it so might as well grab another one of these just could get a second one and then we'll leave it at that I think ok over here we've never more more coming in through this side we'll just go and acquire a new tile so fun I got the range ataxic and hit this thing supply you may have to get the flying air flying unit at some point as well nothing's up there yet interesting so nothing's come across that is really quite fascinating actually there we go you've seen us now that's a big city as well actually it's not not a bad one for us to go into we wanting to go in with these to start with you know there's just a mix all right so we've got a couple of just normal Space Marines we do actually have a havoc here as well so we want to keep this one here it's got a range of two and two so two three if I can bring the havoc over to there should can't hit it okay we're gonna have to go back across I don't know if I can heat it from there either maybe I can't like mo maybe I'll hit it from this angle I don't want to go in too close let's move these things off and then we just got the warp talents you want them to be put under stress initially you've drawn away well hold back in there and leave that one back there I'll try to finish it off pretty hard seat that one as well you do raise more damage against this actually you know if I go to that one that gives me this as well so we'll hit it two more turns and then we'll have that one nothing else back there that can really go after it it's blocking the way we'll move this one down these are just chaos Marines now I'm gonna be here for a little while so I'll leave the ice Marines back as well to get these up then why so move that one into here heal that this one up that's good that work sent nicely just keep them coming you know I can't actually hit it from there can I hit it from there yes I can so I can get I can get the shot from that from that angle move off like that so I'm just going to keep close just so we can sort of zip across to protect the flank with all of these different Space Marines and things yes they've all moved and if so fast those things awesome going after that I don't know where he went but anyway we'll leave it alone from now it will come back to try to get it's trying to get this thing well good stuff everywhere here I guess we just get more food sitting in through here will ya we're still picking up I'll make it so that we can get even more people him in the side then we can just keep on growing the city okay all got half the map now see they come she used to be cute okay thanks I can hit that with this I think I could just keep on at the city I think with this unit war boss over here okay so that's one of their leaders so we keep these back inside keep them on that on that line that gives me a little bit of ability to make sure I can move this one off that this one I think will be useful as a flanker somehow don't need to rush in with it I think I'll just move that one off and move this one across that way we just keep all of the all of this chaos Space Marines together so I moves down he's gonna get it smashed you better do it oh hang on he can't move it's valuable you know they just scoot straight through as well leave that one where it is or skip the turn there just start scouting out it out across using this unit but they're handy like it's just a really handy combination of units okay they didn't kill us which means that we can kill this thing off now now opens this one up as well nothing coming back this way just keep him back there for now okay we need extra vehicle armor that's good actually let's see that is useful it's come at the right time still can't do anything with this one can't leave you know just move that back across if we can find a gap so we can move this one around the corner that would be quite quite handy maybe they are city we don't get the benefit I don't think of being inside the orc city we do actually even this one doesn't get a benefit from being inside anything these are all just too heavy the sky here I could jump him across ya can't quite make it I can make it into there if there was nothing there but I don't know so I won't worry about that I'll just leave him where he is this one's taking so long to get through all the rough terrain it's no point really sitting that went back for anything we're gonna lose this fairly soon [Applause] so get rid of these while they here is a alright and I think I'll just leave that one alone I can grab another one of these if I wanted to but I think I'll just leave them alone as well choose our research so the one I wanted to get I could have could have gone with a health or health haunted Erie which would actually be quite nice to get a few flying units but I think I'll get obliterators first and then we'll come back for that all right so now it's time I can now move this one we can kill this one off get in this one's a little bit worse for wear so I'll move it back the commander can now come right in close and do some big big damage here you know 24.9 Wow okay we're gonna get it next turn we need to keep on healing up these guys so we'll do that one with those two they're gonna have that one under control so the Decker club is going to be destroyed after this we can't bring that one in we'll do that now there's no way nowhere we can hide with this one I'm just going to go straight across and just see what else is out this way this is still all stuff that wasn't taken by the orcs which is interesting you all must have really struggled I guess just live in back where they are all three of those and that warp Smith is now levelled up as well that's the school so we can go with the master of mechanisms to get even more hit points I'm using that all the time so I'll make use of that I'm really here for much longer anyway just to slide through the forest don't even get into the fight don't heal these up there's more stuff coming goddess nobody's nobody's caught into this area this is this is weird actually it's very very weird they're really hitting the sky and one can still move if we want to is just a just a location it's okay all right well smash this I guess can we get it kill it with that one not quite not quite we have to heal this one up anyway so we'll just do that now and then we'll just kill this thing off now another city somewhere this one that can smash through these nice this one as well I do want to take this one on so I'm gonna move this one back Wow are they sir shock troops nice work with those talons that they've got is the next city it's bit smaller than that other one yeah I think we're just gonna roll through these now every time I click on stuff it is it's one bank it's gonna be frustrating when they do go back for this I think what I might do is I will go for the for the air unit and then would let's go down and fix that one up now this one here I think I'll just heal it both of these up where they are okay we'll order the city's back over this side this one here get to work Forge I need it that's the thing I've got great influence now she might even get more archives subscribe another archive just to push our research along a bit you'll even do the same here we don't get any benefits there H we'd get a little bit of energy research the energy boost there down that way this one is no I still don't have enough or to go after and get our fourth city so next the city and we'll leave it there guys so thanks for watching I'll catch you next time

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