July 27, 2019

welcome to episode 8 of this at face series were playing Warhammer 40,000 Gladius relics of war with the space as the chaos at space marines actually we're playing as which is the new dlc pack it's going to end our turn here rock town is the next target for us we're just gonna keep on rolling forward now see somebody else is checking there okay looks like we're gonna be sandwiched in between we'd have to be in the necrons I would think because these guys are green I struggle with a little bit colorblind and I can't really tell much between the green and I'm guessing so they're gonna they're gonna fall by the wayside right now okay well let's go in with this unit off this we're just gonna keep on rolling through the necrons that's why our weed will avoid that I'll heal that one up seven plus I might as well just send this one down just to scout out what's down the bottom here I'll pick them up on the way through you go the necrons here it's the new cleanser across to the side you know we should be honest still keep on rolling all the way through them as well take that vacation and kill the boys off leave them at the back actually all um we can get down to their dismay this one I don't know thinking extra healing by being ins inside the Rhino but but I think that they do we're gonna bring the city down that'll be the end of the or walks quite yet York's gone alright so we should be able in there capture or not kept a bit destroy all the stuff that's in here the Lord will definitely wanna capture this or not captain as I say destroy that guy if we can just take this like that's some relief all the way through there interesting that's one of those that's a nickel on city so it looks like this area all the way through here there may not be a way through except for up this other side where we were already up this top there but would have thought that they would have actually that's interesting so there's still one of those floating around in the middle that is interesting this guy has been so useful I've gotta say just feeling up these guys as he goes it's really really cool it's a little bit of all over the side you might move this one on even though he's injured just move them across nice big ox we have to do see that was you know healed itself right up again okay well here we go good well coming up here there may be a there may be a way through at the bottom here it should be interesting the Lord's gone anyway so don't really need to level up one down good and I'll heal this one up this is sort of lucky actually to do that much damage is gonna stop it from being able to really do anything effective this next round we can do a little bit of damage so we'll take that one this one's still just stuck where he is okay so I'll leave him where he is so the buses just left without him it's just missed out its those units there that we'd be wanting to destroy I can't really do any damage against them because I don't have a range attack I don't wanna be triggering whatever's over this other side I just want to protect this this area but surprise you like to see anything over this side actually it's that is interesting okay so we've got the city down we've got everything pretty much under control there so they'll really help us going anywhere I'll just go into one of these it's good even more food The Immortals we do need to get the the skies just gonna have to get across to try to fix this one up just shuffling down one it's a little bit hard enough to destroy it alright that gets it back up to full health should give me a Avenue in into that location no we have to get rid of this other one first I'm gonna quite do it either half they did conquer that one so we'll just make sure we get this one back get this warp talent back as well all right now we can't do anything with that one but we can move across and take this you join a bit more health points but you might click on stuff it zips back up there again we need to kill this thing off if I do have a couple of Havoc's which you can do that now we should be able to use this Lord to come back in put him in the middle or even up here just do that would be enough just to kill that one off heavy destroyers these Kaos Marines go get the two blades this one survives okay close enough unfortunately to finish this one but he should run that won't heal up in there okay all the cities back in through this side everything is really really healthy here incredibly healthy foods the only sort of thing that we have to really look at like it yet more of this just get another another tile there's no three there's a three there right it's the city and our turn you need to try to get this one out of here hopefully it's been infected but look at this time gonna hurt us edit it all alright so we want to get this one out of there they move these in and that one was close enough I think to get the experience yet was there nothing not the heroes at all you the hero in mister not seeing any way through here stalker get any one of these can take this one years I think chomping through them very short work you know we just don't know if we can get through this other side would be nice to know the scouting down the side okay so we've got another waterway in there and we're seeing tyranids over this side okay so two nerds are on the border there in fact they're all the way up through here all right interesting okay so the turn ends up we're coming through the middle here but we'll finish off the looks like these have only maybe just got the one city there are stuff that's now missing we're not nobody's actually claimed it which is sort of also interesting as well we thought that we were all being claimed by now this one here we can bring this one down I can't move any of those got back up and I ran to talk you missed I'm not saying anything let's just go up to here and just have a bit of a squeeze across yeah okay there is something else that someone's built over there that's orange so that's the Astra military 'im I don't want to be triggering them so I'm going to leave I'm not even going to go after that I'll just move back back away with everything okay all the cities back in through here once again what can we do we can get extra energy grab that come all the way around move geez that hurt that hurt badly okay well we'll bring you right back out do say uh yeah yep yep yep the better off going around the other side that's gonna be a problem because of the because of the turn in so we don't want to be triggering them and I don't really want this one in the fight anyway this one's really just to hover around and just sort of see what else is going on so I'll send it back up to the middle of the map you know we've got this guy here we can't see what his health is yes we just don't know until we find the other way through I think I'll just keep it back where it is well there's the edge of the city okay we can't come this way just keep on sort of sandwich in them in between these two different groups [Applause] now the we are inside the city but we don't get any benefit by being in there these units some differently this guy down to help grab I've got a chaos Space Marine which we don't really need but oh do what this one over here it's a size 20 once a big city when up just offload these now becoming through some what doesn't want to go off there it goes okay so they're all healed up and ready to go so if you start to sort of March our way through through here as well with it with the different units for it can then sandwich the city but we'll probably have it almost down by the time these get through the through the the forest and the ruins here at tap it's loud tap at the moment squeals everybody can't do much against us and we can't do anything against them till we get flying units there's more down this way as well I didn't see those near fights okay well India turn there as well all right Serena have obliterators that's awesome we were lucky that we didn't have to deal with much you know close to our capital is really nothing has come this way which is has been very good for us all right wander this way I think when ii rhinos it was the other Rhino that was still coming through we've got already got that somewhere else they're gonna be taking this thing back very very soon by the other rhinos here that's right and we do actually have just a chaos Space Marine inside so we get it we're gonna get this thing back again we'll move that one back into into there and we do need to get into here somehow so we'll bring them in leave him up just out here I think that's what we wait there's the turn it's already got a single cargo on there at the moment we'll just wait for these guys to get on board I start to plug other gaps with those right order cities it's got a bit further out that'll be fine I can't choose research so and get the hammer of wrath grants dinner princes to file us we have nice you got a demon Prince yet they do come there's a there's a percentage chance you can get them and I've had them in a live stream which is really cool I got it really early really early in the game and it's an enormous ly good good unit it's just over here so we can actually build them or we can get them randomly we just haven't had any come randomly just yet the unless we needed to also get something else back then this way but I think we yeah I think we had everything we needed you know I think we think we had everything we actually needed through here one thing we haven't got is the master of possession I'll leave that one alone for now even the frag grenades we haven't even got that I'm gonna go back and get the the hell haunted Eyrie just we can get some flying units I'm gonna exit this city but we're already doing their turn because now we want to start to get never bein I'm gonna star getting obliterators the reason I've been getting so much food is because these do cost a fair bit you can afford four of them that's fine well we're at a time guys I'm going to leave it there so thanks for watching I'll catch you next time

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