WarHammer 40K GLADIUS ~ CHAOS SPACE MARINES ~ 09 Tyranids

July 27, 2019

okay welcome and this is episode 9 of the Subspace series were playing Warhammer 40000 Gladius relics of war with the chaos space marines dlc pack install we go it's a big one it's a big one this is an obviously for good fun actually it's a very very good AI now we we are now in a position where we're just going to be able to roll through we're very very strong and so we're just gonna end our turn here and I think that like you can see we've taken half they'd half the map more than half the map so I really can't see being able to really challenge us in any sort of meaningful way now this one up I do want to destroy these different sort of units but I do want it also just go to the Royal Court just keep him in and just keep them healed up that one down see maybe if I do go in the wire we'd I can't move that one anywhere I'll just move that one down there this one to get in close and we've already moved there I'll just leave this one where it is it's they're stuck it's always sort of breaks down those things I think they've got like a there's a madness to them keep that one where it is now we're starting to see more sullen throats trigons we're seeing some big units up that way I don't want to spend too much time with those I'll just keep on coming back up just to sort of scout what's going on and then we'll Supercross we'll just keep on moving around the map roll everyone up until we have the Astra military at the very very end I will skip this unit and this one here we wanted to grab this unit get that one inside this one's very very badly injured they will hit they will heal up inside the the rhinos slowly over time such as if they haven't moved this wasn't really be able to participate in any of the fights that are down below we've taken this one back office we'll come back around all right well in their turn there do mark [Applause] all right so the middle the map really does have a lot of actual just keep on going after these we should be fine with ourselves keep these guys where they are still can't move yeah this one is just a normal Kaos Marine bring it in for now keep that one back so we can do the damage in the middle here so they're both very very badly weakened really can't do anything with this one I'll just move it out of the Wow hang on didn't mean to do that damage oh well it's not gonna matter I don't wanna move that one you know I was gonna leave it where it is keep that one where it is as well just ready to pick this guy up I shall move that one to here get going yeah okay so another level up here he's gonna level nine the city it's the morning done they nights and make over here everything is really quite good one of those – go for it but I'll move that one back you healed up something in the middle there that we just haven't seen so we'll have a bit of bit of a look at that as well these guys I'm just gonna keep them where they are it's claimed that some ones will head down this way yeah we could even just keep on having a bit of a look see what else we can see what's going and get that one too to move that one back can't move past that one unfortunately that was stuff that my stuck can't move that won't you nothing I'll move this one across that way anything that spawns will only be in those in those slots you know pretty soon anyway just a few more turns get this one away now as well alright so we've got this unit really can't do anything birdies so just I'll just I still just leave it there that one can't move anywhere I'll skip that I'll do it so just keep on getting more of the of the abominated gene labs it'll just speed up the production of the those other units idea ramp they don't have a ranged attack one through okay we can know me of this one Ian you love that one just can't see anything all right so I'll move this one off X you don't just leave it where it is just to block up more space okay time to get this one away so we've got everything in our Rhino so let's move on through now get ready for the next part of attacks I'll just leave these where they are maybe that one way that is I can't really do anything I'm surprised at how much of the environment is still F around the place it's unusual Gavin it at the Eyrie where it is for now [Applause] Nicke ones are gone okay so we've got that one out of the way these will need to heal up but I've got this unit to do this so we'll move you into the middle level up here as well that's good did they ever take that back yeah they did okay so that's that's gone what do units [Applause] yes we just start to dominate the middle if we can and and just roll up the rest of the cities she's research okay so that the obliterators the hammer of wrath more devastating attacks why not let's go and grab it I guess Nexus of doom Chris Atari yeah we don't need that to the next level smoke launcher temporal Distortion okay the hammer of wrath now the Eyrie did we build an Erie anyway now we're noise so I wanted to build the Erie down this way pretty end up getting a couple of those ultimately so now found the Astra military you they come alright so they've been attacking down to the South I'm not really they don't have any big interest in going after them so I'm just gonna keep on to the scaling up through just should've checking on everything else that would sitting around here you both fall I think yep they've got units you've got a heap of Havoc's in there as well that's good it's already moved I'm flicking the wrong thing just get back down here again just heal this one up and we're gonna be needing more or as well it's a very good at one versus one that they're not great against swarms is a good against forms it's down that way leave him where he is he still got a couple of like one more turn and then he'll be okay then we'll get him across to this jakiro traitor encampment get just fleshing out the rest or even I might even just go with this guy and get him in there because he's got nothing at the moment but the man catcher they just grab that for him and just move that across just so we don't have it sitting there the whole time okay leave them where they are in this unit do want to just keep on scouting through stellen robots so they've still claiming the middle of the map place to him he's not gonna be able to survive it's the Florina Supremes to that well we've become aggressive so we'll we'll go after them we're just keeping on just checking on what's around the place the main army the Space Marines I think I'll just keep them down here I'm gonna have to avoid likes you know okay I'll get this one with the just a few little extra things maybe even use some extra movement or something for him she's never ready to go back in again well let's give up the middle of the map and then we'll just sort of come back up and North so will them remove these southward health I'm gonna do enough damage here to a warrant staying here but I think I should be able to I'll just hang there for a little while so we can kill off what at least one of these there's four then there should be six may have been two groups that spawned really close together now I'm not gonna I'm not going to be able to take them on so I have to get back from there the middle here they laid them to it was okay this one just went up slightly now they've taken this so I'll just get a few units ready and play that game we've gotta wish that they were easier to see we loose a little bit but not much against this mess we'll be able to swipe these guys out now got heaps and heaps of influence now so we can just go with this unit and we'll go shopping so we wanted to get things that are gonna speed him along security to a weapon one of those Jerkins will get one of those volcanoes shroud no stun grenade no powered gauntlet not really we don't really need that one already got a man catch on him lightning gauntlet endurance plus one movement grab that for him I think that'll be really important for him the concealed weapons system is actually usually pretty good as well Chris the attacks of the unit plus 25% attacks grab that for him like grenade no maybe not it's when it gives us another to armor let's grab that the temporary shield not really definitely need that one so much I've just got one more slot for him it's cause of of Magnus the sixth of research this one gives us extra influence I think I'll go the research let's just get that one for William okay so that's done he's now got his full kit I would like to get this one as well week I'll actually get I've only got two more slots for getting the extra movement I think we'll be good so research will have just gone up quite enormous Lee actually with that with that thing that he's just picked up leave them back there until we're ready in this city one more turn and then we get obliterators so we want to specialize on dominators just to get so we can really turn out the these guys really really quickly okay well exit the city and end our turn there chased us down interesting move away because I really can't can compete against those found pretty much everything we need to find up there might just dip into there just so we can sort of have a quick look to see what else is around here's the obliterators okay maybe you are these can come in pretty fast when it's time to hit points I'd like to be scouting out through these other areas but it's only ranged attacks that they can do a reaction fire with you know the girl for the carnufex there's a few cities in through here so we'll focus on one city at a time although we probably just focus on the actual units smack them we need to get the other these guys up there as well particularly this one at least you can now move a lot faster unfortunately waste another term just trying to get him in into there good these two Scout although we do actually have we did have you know we've moved it right away now haven't we the other unit that we were using for scouting down the side be good to sort of know what's down this way so to use these okay so what else can we get here not much that way I have to be a bit more strategic years hang on though they've got their own problems all right so the from the north this one's now been named the torrents son actually a lot of these of the name different sorts of things I'm not going to do too much damage against us camera of wrath there we go plus 25% damage when we want to use it now let's just say Trigon just a Trigon that is a Trigon this hammer of wrath here this one in do the same thing again diamond Forge as well to give us better armor penetration we lose some hit points almost kill it without having to do anything yes let's do it let's make sure of it down down she goes a fix that's the biggest city should I check that may have been actually triggering the hammer it's not much of a cool-down there really this one we'll just move this one off take that and now we could start to bring these guys up it is now time I think so we've got three that we can position if we move into there we can position one I'm guessing that there's not going to be a round okay I can position this one up we have a fire across there so if I now move this havoc into there I'll be able to get the shot there Space Marines can take that another one as well and I want them in the in the brush and then we've got two more of these long long range guys you know I'm not gonna be able to do much with them just yet so get the warp talons ready offload one of them to here we're gonna be honest toot oh yes I can't shoot it ok and offload that one at the back they're not gonna be able to shoot anything with that one just yet but next turn we're gonna be able to go in a little bit a little bit closer so that'll be fine okay ordering units no one gets a shot move that one up just so I can start to heal up some of the units that are up there this way so nobody's actually cleaned it out at all it's a mess they'll go into the trader and we want to know just going across and we want to make sure that we get the speed speed thing we can get so we'll go into here and grab where was it endurance implant just get the extra movement we've got one more that we can put on this thing a tantalising icon is for influencer this one is for research we've already got one of those I've already got the morning blade of laser athon this guy dude your weapon we don't have I'll grab that here we go we're done so he'll be he'll have to just come up and then join the fight but in reality you know it's not gonna take too long so anyway guys were actually out of time so I'm gonna leave it here so thanks for watching I'll catch you next time


  • Reply nicodede62 July 27, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    Neutral AI lvl 4 ? Real AI need help ??? 🙂 I dont understand why we dont have an option to balance the number of neutral.

  • Reply Coley_ 77 July 27, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    Another great LP. What are the chances of a Battlestar Lp/tutorial. I picked it up on sale a month ago. Have a good idea what to do but hints/tips wouldnt hurt.

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