WarHammer 40K GLADIUS ~ CHAOS SPACE MARINES ~ 12 FINAL ~ The Last City

July 29, 2019

welcome to episode 12 of this explai series were playing Gladius and we're playing against the chaos Space Marines we're pushing the Astro military omits the last faction left on the map we're pushing them back up towards their cities we've already got some forces in trying to attack the city I don't know if we're gonna be able to bring it down in this first wave we may have to sort of go back and then come back for more afterwards looks like there might be a second city back over this side as well so anyway we'll just keep on going with what we're doing we're trying to sort of make their big army is back in through this side and we've we're doing fairly well we've got it we've got a very very strong forces against their forces and I was slowly trying to get rid of the all these basilisks which are doing some damage they haven't actually been out of killing of my units yet but yeah they've gotten close anyway let's just end the turn this one here is the most damaged now to see what they get up to Space Marines give it much more effective against squishy targets like this I do have to protect them a little bit this one here clean get somebody else in to look afternoon I've got one unit that can heal those units frag grenades so he can move out this one can't move at the moment so all we can do is just fire them you know if I can move up into there let's just see if we can we can't so we have to move this one back out to there this one across and the healing in here so I'll just feel that target up this one here I'm a little bit worried about I'll just try to kill that one off see that one's got a lot of health that one can't move unfortunately so I might go back and I can't do anything with that so closest when I have to be able to get it back into that location I'm not gonna be either kill it I hang on this one maybe what the combination of those two we stop them from seeing that one it's gone good good good good and we want to stay in the forest is more forest there smash through these it's good okay so charging up that way these can do a lot of damage we'll be worried about this unit might pull this one back it's saying where are the reinforcements where are they but level little statements it's really quite funny they're killing us we can't kill them back it's like that's like to all fortress yeah that's clever it's good now we've got sort of half break through here not really too interested in the guardsmen to be honest or just keep on charging the surrenders to the side oh this is cool don't need to heal up just keep on smashing things every second turn they do a lot more damage than the previous turn they sort of alternate with what they're doing this one here that one on the street the extra damage there's a cross to try to get to that city right servlet dirge caster master possession which could be another Lord I think I'll go the crack grenades you don't even got me altar bombs I'll get that way go that way first right in turn they don't see the one at the bottom me take the city just this day yes they are spawn that's right that is alright we can heal that one up just come on smacking these still ruins I can move up [Applause] so just kill them off [Applause] maybe he'll up yes the next turn this one will do 20 damage this one will do about 20 damn 24 damage at the moment there's a vault night theater attacks this one here will move on in okay well we were pushing them into the corner otter cities back over through here we need we need a bit of food I think I'll grab one more of these and then call it quits for the for those we don't need any more than that exit city in turn really nothing can make you sort of do much damage to him now just go to your cell all decked out you never can just bring right up you're jumping behind snack these guys charging up now towards their their capital stop us it off at this point in time these are all still doing very very well in there we go sit down it's awesome okay let's do an open or cities a few more level ups right this is where the AI like the environment the environmental forces are sort of taking control so I don't want to do anything against that this point in time okay so we'll just move across to there this one is well just take that back next turn it's gonna take us a little while to bring the aircraft down actually this community have melted bombs it's just funny I thought these guys had them you're not gonna do hardly any damage there do damage here well that's one city out of the way yeah we haven't seen what else is up this way but this is this is really where the action is so just move up through this terrain who don't know what's in there it's a straggler stream as we go trying to get back the Gloria's chaos there we go one can't move so I'll just move this one up a little bit and just keep on marching up the veterans is a something that nobody's got at the moment I can't do anything with that just leave this guy back here so a new research we might just go and get the crack grenade in dere turn again [Applause] just get rid of that one she didn't quite get rid of it but will next turn this one we can get rid of this term by using one of these they've got that that's okay but this high armor penetration if we do it we don't actually do as much damage as if we just attack it normally because it's not heavily armored smashing through through them now that went back across okay so we've got this guy who can do a lot of damage that way I think I'll I think I'll get rid of this aircraft first too much damage that's right these some these molar fiends have been actually really quite cool they've done a very very good job and the Knicks airplane the next aircraft is here the next he'll Drake it's the last fighter that we want I'll be building anything else with the walk for G there I'll just leave it where it is now we're sort of on the home run okay so we've got that one crystalline body that's Jim Kosek a chance to gain off let's just give some of these something or any matter much anymore except the city and end our turn the game criminal like if it's you like this but I guess I don't know in one sense it sort of feels fun to keep up sort of playing it maybe in trouble but I'm wonderful leaves the chaos spawn there pretty weak you know we can get out of there take that out the aircraft is gone we don't know where that is through the middle these are quite slow in comparison to the other we have a sort that we have okay just keep on moving these are moving these through last of the tyranids okay so we'll just keep this unit where it is so I won't bother moving that one we'll end our turn again it looks little break those sound deal with this thing so um just to double check everything first see what we seen no it never can see into there you wouldn't do much damage against the the Valkyrie is actually going on maybe it's this one oh yeah that does it let's get it started – keep I'm playing this one out now because we are closed it's gotta be you'd be listening and episodes worth it's probably still just give them down keep on moving forward because we really are now smashing it if she probably wouldn't even be that long but anyway we'll see how we go fight just put all the cities to sleep now so put one more of those coming just queue it up so we only get the one okay so actually mark of that movement would be useful but I don't think we're gonna be able to get that well it's the city and in turn again why this one in pretty much it really let's forget this to heal up a little bit leave that one back there because there are things wonder what that is uber survivor – demonic energy okay it's okay as well we'll leave that one back there to start to put some of these back on to hold where they don't actually do anything it's a shame we didn't get to use the demon Prince level five already – oh well I'll just leave him back there you might get a chance to to be used I'll just leave the you where you are if you are as well okay all the cities don't want to sleep exit in turn [Applause] that one Kim G back okay that's okay um skip these units you can apply that to anybody they're all it could people been applied so we don't have turn any of those nothing we extra we can do this we're just going to use the hammer heaps of stuff in here just smash it okay distributes this should be the game your opponents are now long dead from your vantage atop a throne of skulls your watches the sacrifices happen corns executions are brutal its lanisha's slow niches are agonizingly agonizing delights each ask only for their secrets and Nergal ask them to live with his disease blessings each ritual brings more so sir the dark God and more power to you Lord of this new planet so there we go we got the wind it wasn't too long either actually that was pretty cool now where we are blue so we can subtract blue as we go through with the score so we ended up sort of taking doing fairly well really right from you know early on and then we sort of just kept on sort of accelerating from that point so we did very very well there the economy did focus a bit on the economy so yeah we started to come good about halfway through that's good and here we never really dropped down below that was actually useful and militarily I also started slow but then accelerated here we go here we go and this is the this is the this last bit here is when we've started to really get the the high-power units in research I think we would have been middle-of-the-road and then sort of come good at the end you know we're up there and then we come good at the end just at the very very end there where we started to build a few more research centers that was cool that was a good game I think we I think I've played that one about as effectively as I could but I was lucky I was lucky that the AI we're all compressed sort of doing their own thing for such a long period of time and really gave me a lot of space so it was only the Space Marines that we're back over here for disco and we'll just go one more turn we should then be able to see the whole map I think she's not showing us the whole map yes if we if you're surrender it does it shows you all of the all of the hidden areas as to where everything actually is but that was cool we did very very well so thanks for watching I'll catch you all next time

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