Weapon Bribe

July 21, 2019

what do you profile you know all right here we go now watching around town I think I've got the Reaper see it six I just saw what do this thing looks tight gold even diamond looks pretty sick are you watching it still no I didn't know you're still doing it are you ready ready I'll be watching it now or what that's all the day are you doing okay looks pretty tight on with yes there's like a little globe on it now with the little equation Mike I think I think the internet would you turn in it which is that dead foot yeah the internet has to be I can perfectly broadcast live in resurrected I'll leave you guys to it I don't know I like explaining we go watch your shows no are you gonna try to get that gun gold and black out yeah probably not I want to gain that news I don't know who's that guy now if I find that backpack black whatever flat whatever you want on blackjack it'll be in there I'll try I'll definitely give it a try watch these always Howard again oh yeah D it'll have to be a one that you came along with the eggs roses they're just making arrows it should be explosives do you just like begin on sticks and stones and I get that's on it though oh you know yeah it could be the freaking like what do you call it we call it if we can no no operator watch two-bit Marco someone in Rome can't see me homie Dark Matter on its retitle that's right bitches you got there two people to kill me on me so got all butter cuz I killed his teammate you had to go get his homeboy nah that's how I see Oh aw damn it – do that freakin wonder weapon you can get on your socks the one that you get for killing the warden yeah sucks teeth I got it African I couldn't kill anybody with the dew-dropping you don't listen to him yeah like what the hell I'll do this finger whack I wonder what my ass it was gonna be killing zombies good night of your date I do that once in a while it's funny what happened did I he was gonna be by it so I not around to the guys reviving with the boy net staff gumboot ended up being shot behind okay storm is it coming oh shoot at someone and then comes around shoots you like a couple of times and then you can live in fighting with the ram-paige we got lucky the caliche shots at the hangars I was it Neal I'm hoping the motherfucker hits my trip line that's tight everybody yeah please a guy with a knife and zombies damn it Jason won't you open that freaking door again I had it closed for a reason some people jump through that window they don't see me right there any kids yet three sit Rep circle collapse I'm gonna get to safety John there's guys up here so you're begging get rid it don't think I haven't hurry up this dorms got enough well I'm coming out the window never saw nothing papa six and David five or six I got no no ammo nothing I have shit I was hoping you dropped a freaking knife or something I don't need ammo for that well he was all over two minutes do no damage on well Jimmy had sneaky little go back out here there's been times in my life I wish I wasn't so quiet but there was a new death effect magma I have went to the mosey black hole I needed to do it one more time I need to kill an enemy during three different collapses in a single game I need two more times I want to try something dude I have to revive a teammate ten times I want to see if I could put you down and revive you if it counts well I'm not saying do it in a row like that you just do it throughout the game with a couple times I'll be heater is going through by Tmax when they go down by anything and if it's possible I don't take old counter if you put your team they that in your Bible so I want to see if it works that way humble Allah Allah why not serve it's over shot that shit about a fully-equipped swordfish a potential collapse detected advisory location to indicate it's safe though baki the kv i found a crate findingnine cannot give me my space as weapons I'm gonna have to fully go throw things I did I do too – I mean one of my very nice boy turning that goes away well right now ding read on what's going to you right now shit shit shit storms coming as we have the warning by me oh yeah it's going awesome yeah which is far as healthy forgot I had Outlander either Wow fucking she won shadow didn't I would look at the armor connect all supply drop incoming circle collapse a minute well it's a mystery box being read now the light it's not the mystery box it's the warden no it's the mystery box I just I was just at the mystery box okay then on I've been do the mystery box and it was blue so odd or not oh hey what the hell maybe I don't know the warnings are gonna spawn here though that's why watch the warnings gonna be here here he didn't drop any loose what the hell easy does there's another one I know I'll do when you're trying to get a warning you know Alan [Applause] revive me ha you're eating cheese fights nobody that you killed them no I killed one of there's another one there's a bunch of freaking zombies surrounding them so I barely saw him just trying to run from him but he got me if you're still there I'll come revive you right now I'm less funding right now own airline no more to voice blame mother just curious I'll do to me – nowhere near you like a doodle in a lot of Mayors though that's for sure I want to play somebody gonna do Nadia we should we should play quads yes the quads better cuz you get fifth place instead of third oh my god I know I missed it disconnected from the server no quad you get it you got to give his place duo's third and solo second I found it at factory I find it there most but I've been finding it I found it at a weapon you take out no it says I'm waiting on party I don't understand I made a game it didn't bring me in the game with you know their party Glee what I think you're the party leader and you're not on my team I don't know since you're in game that was pretty weird seriously I backed out my internet jack did a weird hey wait was this him oh yeah I've been finding that cargo docks found it a fracking tower starburns found it at a construction site supposed to I still haven't found it how does it find me a match but nice oh my god no Gabriel I got way ahead of you black out fine together I was playing I don't want to not be finding back out but I'll probably not I'm in editing for stage why difference I did let's go to new car going up then just not there we can make our way to factory if I find it I'll grab it give it to you blackouts a mark where I want to land on cars the dogs but there on that building that's where I find it that's where I find it your Mike likes getting those sorry it's like you moving your head said I think if she goes the Mike didn't do it again now No it's like you do get my clothes here now if anything yes I did my mics inside my head side just like yours I know that I can move the in big last act that's what it's like mike is really buttons like they can use at that side I check inside this building on top I'm just grabbing Elevens I got it in somebody else's here it's everything all right get it all the stuff to drop it grab it it's right here if you never played it shows up on this box right here to work my own life yeah that does there's a lot of people here and here the guns back all right here done part of it I need again you need need a bag yeah but I'm looking for a gun first yeah where you at ones bag oh yeah there on the boat I was tensed or not freaking I'm gonna shoot the my dart on the boat cause shop and do with them where I I big each other right here standing right next to it so I don't know you'll see you here dude don't look up right here oh hey I'm in spotted by a hot no ammo I'm leaving this area I got that I also find it over here somewhere found it like somewhere this area it's pretty cool though I found it on the first try yeah I said it hurts putting in work load of this gas station get anything personal no I have a gold Titan hey money tonight I need a better sight I don't like this freak in four times scope see I'm out here yes so you need not get this place I'll take that four times to go actually thank you all for your sniper yeah I like less yelling – I should go get that rope it all not to top top – this is this is top – yeah oh shit I think it's solos top 5 2003 and then quad this to chant simply do us so you do it if not we know exactly where he goes I'm just keep trying quads is easier though because even these guys could be like really good there's all got one other teammate down with the others do this area but there's this people over here I'm down behind huh I was a teammate behind any the hell down dude so accurate with the freakin SWAT all the guys down it's all in you gonna get second place to my career but crawl turn on do you have a smoke grenade go fuck you something I don't know he's calling towards you oh shit damn it he ain't eagle ass dude okay man almost a 21st I know I should just let this ass yeah I'll try to be nice but like where I hear somebody else should be named so cocaine you take off you you you

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