What happened with Navy and Army Take 5

July 29, 2019

welcome all of his glory nation from east to west and north the south as we bring you today's take five we are still in the straight the three week period was we can feel it we can feel in the atmosphere we can feel the the the spiritual warfare that's going on moving up to the the day of where the Jewish people put Sacco's sack cloth and ashes on the great day morning the ninth of I've we did that teaching last year I believe we did the teaching of the ninth of off so if you want to get that you can get that on our website ww-who's glory Emmy but we're going through this period we can feel the the tension the tension is getting tighter and tighter and many many things are going on behind the scenes and they're starting to come become public today we are going to give you a summary of what happened with the Navy assassination plot I think we talked about this yesterday or the day before many of my sources I think three sources have confirmed all this information the information I got today is in a really good summary of all the events it's it's from somebody I know who has contact that has more sources than I do and so it's it's rock-solid and it confirms the three the three the three people that told me the same thing then ties to the brainian Navy US Navy it's sad it really is sad because my Marines are involved the Navy's involved again really when you got bad Oreos you don't throw the whole Navy out with with a couple bad Oreos you don't throw all the Navy SEALs out with a couple bad Navy SEALs and you certainly don't throw all the Marines out or 16 Marines there was talk about a year ago I think we brought this up on his glory take his glory but we hear ago I think we were doing it every week but we there was talk that the you are the United States Marine Corps was trying to separate itself from the name and he smells peculiar and why they were doing that so we'll give you a summary of how this all went down and ties into Russia ties into the deep state obviously ties into the subs that the nuclear sub that was dragged away to try to create a war with Russia these people are sick they are six six six six six six and six six sick so we will get into that we got quite a few notes to go through what I'll probably do is leave the summary to last because that's a lot to chew on but this was put in in a really really good format somebody helped me a lot by giving you all the information and out a document that makes it easier to do because that's coming I had it coming from many different sources and I had to try to bring that all together okay before we get any further YouTube audience who has super chat monetization we can't win for losing you know that completes because people say there's there's there's commercials on our YouTube channel now well I can't control that that's what YouTube does if you don't like the commercials on YouTube you can follow us on Twitter periscope and then our clearest camera is Vimeo and Facebook and then our 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intelligence is pretty cool we got an we got we got somebody from the army which I told you he he was on Oh N okay I can't let the cat out of the bag on that one yeah he will we have Air Force several in the Air Force we have Mossad we have obviously Marines got lots of Marines is an army right army several army and what am I missing the US Army I don't think I have any formers yeah there is one former SEAL well be part of the Navy so we'll get into that in a minute so it's very fascinating very fascinating we love we love our military no matter what they are whatever branch you serve you serve this country and god bless you past present and future that is the lifeblood of our country literally all right the billionaire Russian Oleg art that was part of the Christopher steel in the Russian hoax came out today on oen and said that's not true it's not true so another another dart to this Christopher steel and the Russian hoax remember Christopher steel is what got everybody sweating when Christopher steel started talking to Durham it's rot row it's coming back Maria today had John Ratcliffe on Maria Bartiromo and had Papadopoulos who follows his glory is some of you may know on Twitter so George papadopolis was sharing more Intel we'll talk about that today that was on Fox with Maria when there's something on Olli n this morning 200 e I didn't put this in my notes Oh II Anne was dropping more information that President Trump is taking more aggressive actions under the law against antifa and Tifa is actually is in the crosshairs they're gonna they're doing some really really good things to try to stop antifa the Portland mayor we tweeted out yesterday Portland mayor is trying to distance himself now from all of this because he's catching a lot of heat and remember Harmeet villain she's gonna sue the city of Portland it's just a matter of time Elijah speaking of cities in space when President Trump goes after somebody you know there's more to it okay Elijah Cummings he attacked logic Cummings about Baltimore yesterday I don't have to remind me of the TV show the wire wasn't the wire and wasn't the wire based in Baltimore I think the wire was in Baltimore that showed the wire so Elijah Cummings he blasted they get a lot alike of Cummings yesterday in Baltimore put spotlight on Baltimore so that has really turned around as a boomerang because the mayor is in trouble she was rated Elijah Cummings wife is in in trouble with things going on the ball but people in Baltimore were interviewed saying that look at look at the city that we live in we need help so President Trump called it out and it's boomeranging then I'll skip to this where we're talking about Baltimore now has citizens coming out in favor of POTUS Nancy Pelosi jumps into the mix and the Twitter feed to try to support them to support Elijah Cummings he just has to take a look at San Francisco San Francisco I don't know if you've been to San Francisco in a while it's been a couple of years since I've been to San Francisco I used to have to go to San Francisco at least three or four times a year that's where Apple and Microsoft used to do a lot of their conferences when I was in the wireless world so we'd have to go to San Francisco so we have meetings in San Francisco that's where I ran into Wells Fargo Wells Fargo's head Court in San Francisco if you knew that story where I knew about the the mortgage crisis before anybody else knew because one of the top executives came in and sat right next to me at a bar and well in San Francisco I was actually in a movie in San Francisco too by accident the will are the wilf are on that Will Ferrell Will Smith he did a movie in San Francisco years ago about homeless it was a true story homeless and raised to be got himself back on his feet I was an extra in there because I was just strolling in and I had to sign a waiver I don't know if I actually got to show it or not but but San Francisco's a mess you see needles you see homeless people you see you know stuff on the ground that shouldn't be on the ground we pick we pick our dogs stuff up but with the human stuff is worse so Nancy doesn't have much to talk about in her backyard either you see all these politicians that are talking about all the money and then they're there their canary –is that their responsibility they don't even care about I mean why don't you worry about in San Francisco if you represent San Francisco why don't you worry about Baltimore if you worry about Baltimore made me remember the the wire and Hamsterdam if we remember that remember Hamsterdam I can't remember the african-american police officer who came up with the idea to try to get the crime and out out of there so it backfired now studies show that Baltimore is one ninth the size of New York City and in 2018 had 20 more murders than New York City 309 to 289 this is really really backfiring on them because now you're getting people in Baltimore that are african-american that are supporting the president saying look at art look at us look look look thank goodness he brought people to look at it so they had news they made them cover it in the news and by covering it in the news they're putting a exposure on okay well this is this is something we wanted to bring up we want to get more testimonies so if you have testimonies if you want to do your testimony on his glory if you want to do your a written testimony or you want to do a video testimony many people are calling out saying they want to hear more testimonies they really really don't want to see movie stars come on his glory TV you'd rather hear testimonies is what I'm hearing so if you have testimonies sentence the testimonies to us at info at his glory Emmy also any ideas that you have for content with the new studio send them to info at his glory ma we're going to be doing many many things TV shows for movies and 24/7 content will be on his glory TV once the studio will be ramping up and remember when you 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use that content and that's why we did it we is to have that content and people are using that content so we see it through our Analects on our website people are using it so that's why we do it going back to that is everybody I talked to says why don't you take those take those teachings those teachings are so great take those teachings and sell them you'd make a lot of money who would support his glory and I said no I'm not gonna sell God's Word there are countries like Indonesia we have 500,000 followers in Indonesia the largest Muslim country in the world and that's one than one of the ways they they get the gospel they get the Word of God well now we're going to put it we're not going to do it we're not like other ministries we're not gonna charge for the Word of God so I get a lot of people ask me that we're not going to do it well Saul coffee his Loree coffees great spiced anyway then it's no offense to those pastors that do it's just that God has put on my heart not to do it not to do it and when God tells me to do something or not to do something it's yes sir he's my commander-in-chief all right so there's a full-court press today I'm Maria Bartiromo you can see with the Mueller dossier we were mentioning earlier that John Ratcliffe is sharp sharp guy was going deeper and deeper into the Mueller dossier noon Eunice was right it's a dossier going into the Clintons Papadopoulos came on we're gonna go a little bit deeper on what George papadopolis said with the $10,000 when he was in Israel the set up to show you how deep and wide they went D class is coming D class is coming it may come a D cos is is going to come before the OIG oh I G they postponed they because once they found out Durham was involved in this people went back to Horowitz to say we want to change our testimony we want to change our story because we know Durham's a bull a pit bull and he's coming they are so afraid of bill bar in Durham yesterday breaking news was President Trump gave the authorization to bill bar to D class and give it to Devon Eunice look out Devon Eunice is locked and loaded another New York Police Department police officer suicide suspicious in Staten Island I think that's the sixth no New York police officer we don't know yet if this is tied to the Weiner laptop I don't bet but if I was betting I would say it would be there is no such thing as coincidence we've had reports too and many have said this I've seen it on social media what I'm about to say but I have not got this confirmed so just I want to throw that out there some people say you said that well it's not confirmed maybe somebody out here can confirm it because I've seen it in several places and I've been told this but I have not got to confirm that the pilot that was that was on the pilot that was on the tarmac with Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch was murdered so if anybody can confirm that if that is indeed the case that's what I have heard I have not got that confirmed and that would not surprise me what happened on the tarmac was not talking about grandchildren it was how she was going to be a quid pro quo to you know if if they let her Hilary away I let her go which they did that she would be a Supreme Court justice so that is going to come out see member our sources were telling us three weeks ago that they're not messing around the deep states not messing around anymore they're just pulling the trigger literally pulling the trigger shoot up everybody they possibly can and this is no coincidence and right literally I mean the New York police officer that was tied to them was at the Clinton Foundation on the middle of a dance floor that's not suicide oh my goodness so that's what we were told they're Abbas the head of the Palestinians says they don't want any ties with Israel no negotiation with Israel guess what Israel is making moves in the East Jerusalem part the West Bank they are bringing they're tearing down houses to to continue to build and the the two-state solution is dead this is not good this is not good for the Palestinians and there's gonna be no deal you can't have a deal with the Palestinians who have Hamas as part of their government their terrorist organization sworn to the destruction of Israel so we see Psalm 83 literally on the doorstep remember we told you the last week that Intel was and it made the news to do file is the right Israel sources you're gonna know news in Israel be that the United States you'll never hear and you'll also hear news about the United States that you'll never hear in the United States from Israel I have like seven or eight Israeli sources I listen to that that always has a fax before anybody else and that's the first thing I do in the morning is have my Hebrews cup of coffee and read the Israeli news I start with the Israeli news first so that was a boss talking about that Psalm 83 is literally at the doorstep we were mentioning last week where Israel is on high alert up with Hezbollah up to the north in Lebanon that's told tyre and sidon that is part of the psalm 83 war it is heating up my source from Israel said it's not if it's it's when that this happens we're coming into the ninth of ah've it makes sense that something would happen around the 9th of off be prepared this is Psalm 83 we know it's gonna happen because God said it was through his prophets everything he tells us through the prophets is always right speaking of prophets and prophecy I always like to keep this with me this is the shuckle this was prophesized that the end days that the shuckle would be the currency of Israel again and I hold before you Bible prophecy because in 1982 Israel put the Shuckle back in is the official currency only nation to be out of it out of it existence for 2500 years and became a nation again May 14th 1948 got their complete City back on June 6 1967 start speaking Hebrew again in 1947 and the shackle is now the currency it was not the currency when Jesus walked the shores of Galilee so God is fulfilling everything he says in the prophets as Jesus says I didn't come to replace the law and the prophets I came to fulfill it to every yacht in total and that's exactly what's happening our trip to Israel rabbi Jason Sobel is is working on that for for me he's helping me with that so we hope to have information if you want to join us in Israel reach out to ELISA at his glory IME we hope to have news probably in the August timeframe with a guide and everything up from rabbi's doing such rabbi Jason is such a great right great he's a great man of God and he is just a he's a great he's a great friend to I mean he knew when we flew into LA we were under a spiritual battle that flight coming in and getting into LA he sensed it he sensed it from the from the spirit and he reached out and says I'm praying for you and he had no idea the battle that we were going through he's just he's just a wonderful wonderful man of God and when you when you meet him he is so legit it's just he just has this Shalom in peace about him I don't think I've ever met anybody in my life that is just so peaceful and Shalom and just just radiates light I love the man love him my men said I love Jason he's a brother he's a brother from a different mother football getting closer four or five weeks Michigan football I've been talking about my script football in a while maybe we'll do a Michigan football insider channel I used to have a lot inside information I'm Michigan football I know I got to get it from Chris now I I don't pay attention to it anymore you got to get the information about Michigan football from blue vote blue vote is people give him a hard time but the dudes connected they don't think he's connected he's connected he knew who he knew that Michigan's coach Harbaugh would be that would be the coach before anybody else did and I know how he knew and people doubted him they have no idea who his source was the source was the best source the kingmaker right the kingmaker someday I'll tell that story I gotta ask him for permission I will oh okay I did grass if we're getting football you know I'm in this time of the year and be coming into August it's kind of one of those things I love I love fall because I love the coolness of fall and then love I love football season but yeah I don't want summer to go some are a lot of summers and you kind of caught between both all right so we keep going we're focusing in because I want you to go through this summary of the Navy assassination a plot we're getting there I'm almost done Jeff Zucker so I'll speed up some of this stuff Chuck Jeff Zucker's wife has connections to the Maxwell the Maxwell who's tied to Jeffrey Epstein the connections and the webs and the weaves are coming stronger and stronger to the faith 13 bloodlines of Satan literally that taught that ties to Jeff Zucker who is the see a CEO of CNN house of cards Maggie Haggar man yeah she have the right to remain silent Maggie you got there's bank records to show that you got paid off it's best that you just keep quiet the old days when they said you don't go against the newspaper because they buy the they buy ink by the gallon the media will go down it's coming out Maggie Hagerman is on that list there's many big names on that list I think many have seen the less because weaken WikiLeaks elite leak the list and I think we talked about the list too if you want me to do the list again I'll do the list I'll go back to my notes I think I do have the list still if you want the list yes she's with the New York Times if you want the list I'll read off the list because we're so far had the bar or the horses left the barn that I'm not afraid to say the names now of this list because WikiLeaks is already the only one the list I don't I have doesn't have the Fox News people on it so I haven't have seen the list with the Fox News but well you know who the three Fox News people are and you see President Trump is is is not behind Fox News other than Sean Hannity anymore and Zucker yeah we know the Fox CW JW & SS yeah the SS crash I don't know I used to watch I used before I found Olean I you know when I was be busy during the day doing the minister the ministry stuff and calls and all that I always have the news on I always want to I always have the news on in case something happens I always have the news on in case something happens in the world so I could see it and whenever it came to three o'clock if I was watching Fox before I found only an ID rather watch cartoon carnival then that then him I mean he's blatantly horrible just a wicked wicked and he him and on Fridays I think him and Chris Chris Wallace would talk to each other about their plans for the weekend what was coming on Fox Sunday and if Christian needs to go back to writing stories about his soup no soup for you Chris Wallace China we tweeted this out China Iran oil imports are putting a squeeze on the Iranian government sanctions are biting China is bidding put President Trump is doing a brilliant job with China that's not just me saying it there's two experts I forgot the guy's name I keep saying this there's an expert on China and I gotta get his name and I gotta write his name down he is an absolute expert on China and he's saying he's there playing him perfectly playing China perfectly like Howser is going to China this week so the China the China thing is being played brilliantly they're gonna have to come to the table because they're they're hurting as well they're not at a six percent economy I can tell you that right now you know the economy of China based on back as we said that is their acronym for their three big you know big companies like our big tech companies that is a bi do bi do is the Google of China and Alibaba Alibaba just is Jack Ma Alibaba just announced that they're gonna start selling bar in the United States and create jobs in the United States which does not make the Chinese government happy and what was the third one Oh 10 cent 10 cent is kind of like a Twitter and a gaming so their their earnings have been really bad Baidu lost money for the first time in a long time so Wow he's putting the pressure on it and Iran's pressure so that's why we got to be really prayer and very nervous that the the what Iran is capable of doing that's why I expect Hezbollah and Hamas to come against Israel because I usually use their proxies remember we've heard last week that Israel went into Syria again last week and took some Iranian military targets out and I was told that they did go into Iranian airspace and came back out and they didn't know it so you know you're gonna wake up one day you're gonna see smoke in Iran and that would be the f-35 with the Israeli fighters going in it's one thing you don't do is mess with Israel because Israel will punch back and they don't talk they walk they walk the walk all right Feinstein Dianne Feinstein we'd already know her ties to China based ties to China based on Peter Switzer heard Chinese spy who was her driver forever now there is a link to her and Epstein see this Epstein still gets bad then this does tied to Israel to remember we told you well we at his glory support is biblical Israel not the Zionist extremist deep State Talmud no Noahide law whacked-out stuff of Madonna no biblical Israel there is a deep state in Israel as well that's why they're called Stein's Feinstein Epstein that's Israel that's that's that's that's Jewish Jewish that's where my Jewish comes from my great my great grand mother's a maiden name was Lowenstein Lowenstein is from the tribe of Judah that's where I get my tribe of Judah so when you see the Stein's that comes from Germany which we told a story about that a long time ago will maybe bring it up again how you can trace your ancestry back – no in some cases to know what tribe you came from I know unequivocally that I'm from the tribe of juda of many many different ways we've been able to prove that but more importantly God said it someone God so that you don't need any more proof Trump we already said gave bill bar the authority to declare sweatin bullets d-class not only to d-class but give it to Nunez Oh Adam chef needing more depends undergarments now Tom Fenton yesterday loved Tom Fenton and it has been confirmed Tom Fenton is not a lawyer my source was right I didn't know when he told me I was too kind of shocked at first it doesn't matter either way but Tom pins my lawyer he confirmed yesterday I think he did this I know en I didn't get chance to watch him I know and I had to go do honey do things in the afternoon Tom Fenton confirmed that Omar did marry her brother so when tom Fitton says it yep we already talked about maggie Hagerman it's habberman yeah maybe that's a pun slippage of the Freudian slip Papadopoulos today I'm Maria Bartel OMA opened up another can we knew about this we told you this about how it started with Israel and it started with Israel and it started with the gas pipeline in Greece how they didn't want Israel and the gas pipeline so Papadopoulos we're gonna get him on his glory TV one of these days once once he gets out of the you know the Maria Bartolo m'as and the sean hannity's and the these big names that you know blow over and then then we come to the humble is glory so we will have popping apples on at some point he told me he would but I don't blame me would you rather go on his glory right now or Maria Bartiromo you know for his the world's sake Maria Bartiromo but someday anyway he said today he was paid $10,000 this was a trap he was paid $10,000 in Israel he thought it was suspicious so he gave it to his lawyer there so that he wouldn't take the money back remember that's when you go if you've gone overseas they always ask are you carrying any money with you are you bringing money back are you bringing you got to declare the currency and it's you know it's it's against the law if you don't declare the currency so they tried to trap him with a $10,000 in cash why didn't they just wire him the funds or give him a check that he could take in but no they gave him cash they wanted to set him up so he knew there was a setup so he gave it to his lawyer so when he landed this just proves that was it was a trap and then he thinks it was to get him on Farah but when he landed he said multiple FBI agents stopped him tried to arrest him either arrested him or try to arrest him searched his bag looking for the cash he was a setup from the get-go and Mitzvahed he went into the midst bid Mitzvahed is now talking it's it's it's it's over it's over it's over it's crashing on every single part another interesting article came out yesterday that we tweeted out you can get the whole article out but in a nutshell I'm gonna go into the details of the article if you want to read it you can read it but there's another article that this guy who was the former CEO of overstock said was working with a he thought possibly a Russian woman spy and he knew he better get his story out before he gets in trouble he claims and says that this whole Russia thing was a soft coup against the President of the United States it wasn't a soft – it's a hard coupe speaking of coup I forgot one of the most important things in the notes I skipped over we tweeted this article out – in prep cos President Trump called out Obama on this and the subpoena Obama Obama President Obama whoa wait a minute he stripped it very bugged the White House when they put the new HVAC system into the Oval Office it was bugged and Trump Trump called him out so when President Trump was saying to call me remember this way back when call me was given him the information and call me president Trump says maybe we had this recorded maybe we had this recorded remember that everybody's like oh my gosh does he have it record it he knew what he was talking about they knew that the system was bogged in it they bugged the HVAC system inside the White House Obama did he's cooked him a squat he's cooked in a squat nowhere to run nowhere to hide okay here is deleted deleted no deals he tried to go to the White House for a deal Marines said nope nope no deals there will be no deals some got some what deals but the bad bad Orioles are no deals it's just how bad is it gonna be your life treason that's why you see bill bard goes with actually the numbers more than 31 now last I heard it is now up to it's in the forties I can't remember what it is and after what we're about ready to read this is treasonous activities as well this is Gitmo these these military people that were involved in this this is Gitmo this is treason this happened so here's a summary that was put into what happened with the Navy assassination plot against the president these people are sick they're evil they've infiltrated every single part of our government our Intel and even our military the majority the mass majority of our military are great Patriots it's just a couple bad Orioles that ruin I wouldn't call them bad or what you're doing here is treasonous and when we went and when I went when I was a Marine your swore to the Constitution of the United States you take that you put your life on the line I don't know how a Navy SEAL or a navy person or a marine could do what they did against their country it's treason a plot to assassinate a plot to bring in Paris into the United States and to train the snipers so here's the summary the summary of the Navy assassination plot SEAL team now posted in Iraq was prepped was previously in Colombia where they established contact with drug and human smugglers remember these smugglers are not only bringing in drugs and human trafficking they're bringing in terrorists but nobody wants that nobody wants to listen to it that's why the border is so important a US citizen a former USSR went to Isis in Syria and began training Isis snipers then contacted SEAL team to smuggle them into the United States through Colombia and Mexico Marines from San Diego were tasked to bring the assassins across the southern border that's where you see that the you 16 US Marines were were arrested for border smuggling it came out that was public well there's more to the story it's much more it's worse so the stats across the southern border helicopter maintenance crewmen a crewman revealed that the assassins were intended to assassinate POTUS sailor was sailor with suicide by being put into a whirling tail rotor of a helicopter when one SEAL team member what when only SEAL team members were present that goes into a deeper thing that happened with the seals that I won't get into now it has a tie to this I want to get off on a a rabbit trail so you Isis recruiter recruiter trainer was captured by Russian soldiers interrogated by Russian intelligence he revealed his mission to them remember there was another marine former Marine that was interrogated by Russia Putin warned President Trump of the Marines that were going to try an assassination attempt in the White House and that is where the same time that they were going to take him take the to take the plot and they were going to shoot a missile off at the White House when Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence and the President Trump will be at the Oval Office they caught that plus a marine was shot by the Secret Service and Fox News ran with the Iran with a story that Washington Washington DC Marine Barracks marine is killed not by accidental gunfire that was on Fox News they never went and explained it well that ties into that that attempt now this attempt and this ties into the the submarines as well the whole story of the submarines so Isis recruited trained by captured by Russian soldiers interrogated by Russian intelligence he revealed his mission to them so President President Putin has helped President Trump several times and he also helped well actually it was his counterpart helped Admiral Rogers with a false flag – that they were trying to do an EMP over can't remember if the city was either New York or Chicago that they were going to do it but another another example that Admiral Rogers is an American Hero he's an absolute hero he was he helped stop that with Russia u.s. navy admiral who's chosen to become chief of operations of the whole navy was suddenly retired Secretary of Army dr. s Epps / who is now the DoD you'll see why it happened you see why there was a big parade to announce that why it happened so quickly in eight days it all ties together the Secretary of Army is key he was the Secretary of Army because now the Army is in charge of of the navy dr. Esper was suddenly promoted to replace the Admiral at the top of the Pentagon he was approved and promoted in eight days Department of Defense Secretary Esper met with Russian Minister of Defense who informed him about the plot to assassinate POTUS secretary of defense requested Russian turn over the prisoners to USA Russia refused because he knew that the Navy and the Pentagon were compromised secretary Esper convinced mo D that he could get the prisoner two FBI agents who are on POTUS as Patriot side of the cou Russia handed over the prisoners to Syria who then turned him over to the US FBI agents vetted by Esper whole seal platoon was removed from Iraq brought back to the United States this had never been done before US Army attack helicopters made a show of force over Washington and the Pentagon as the army took over power from from the Navy sixteen Marines from San Diego were arrested apparently for involvement in the trafficking part of this operation military staged an emergency response exercise at the Pentagon this was probably to consolidate power and the Patriots it is not the military that if it is not that the military is not behind Donald Trump they are but the Navy is associated with a secret space program and Trump is creating a new Patriot controlled space force their deep stay and the deep state deep space don't do not like that so the Army has taken over the Pentagon they had the helicopters show of force earlier and today they had an emergency a response exercise at the Pentagon again establishing who was in control the army and the Patriots instead of the Navy in the deep stay pains me to say that because Marines are a Department of the Navy but it looks like this has been this attempted coup has been dealt with and restoration has been restored and the army through the new DoD is in charge I happen to have two I had two grandfather's one that one a step grandfather who was a colonel in the Army and then my my mother's father who was a lieutenant colonel in the Marines so I had a Marine Colonel and a army colonel as a grandfather my marine colonel Lewton colonel which is my my my like my grandfather I he died before I was I was born he was a fighter pilot in the you in the World War two and the Korean War I believe he was the first one to fly a jet from the west coast to the East Coast I have pictures in my home office of all the planes that my grandfather flew just an absolutely amazing thing and that's one of the reasons why I chose to go in the Marines because what the great thing that my grandfather did never got the meeting he was a true hero and what made him a true hero is you know he was he was part of Pappy Boyington squad at one time I was told the story that Pappy Boyington took won money from my grandfather and a card game but he was very I'm told because I never met him I'll meet him in heaven that he was very humble and none of the he never talked about any of the things that he accomplished as a fighter pilot and the Marines all the stuff came out after he he died and people wanted to share stories about my grandfather had it I think it was at his funeral as what I'm told I've been told that secondhand so that's that was one of the main reasons I decided that I needed to go in the Marines because it happened so we pray for our country this is this is this is just absolutely incredible times you you couldn't make this stuff up if you wanted to each each time when I get some of this Intel coming in it's just like McCann it get any worse than this good is it really happening it's really happening but we're getting closer and closer and closer now Muller is not acting seen out to save his tail he's he's not he's not rough he's not well they knew he's not well he hasn't been well for a while and they let it right into the trap the chest they're playing 4d chess and this cue says these people are not very smart they're not very smart because when you get away with murder literally over and over again and you can pay off anybody you want you get complacent and when you get complacent you leave a trail and when you leave a trail you make mistakes and when you make mistakes and leave a trail and if you're not in charge and somebody that's gonna get things cleaned up some charge the trail leads back to you and the trails are all coming back as Tom Fenton says he's now said three pieces of evidence against President Obama well bury stripped go directly back to his feet you know a year ago we said yeah that Obama was part of this but now there's proof Tom fentons proved it and it was mark it was it was a James Baker a James Baker our I can't remember one of the two FBI that were under under oath it verified it he said yes indeed the trail went literally to the White House into the Oval Office the trail Moab's this week D class is ready to go and this is what the way Trump is ratcheting things up and you see these kind of things happening this is why you have to be very careful how you move you've got to know who you can trust and I get keep getting in trouble for saying this and I'm not saying it I'm telling you people are telling me this I don't have any idea I'm not sitting next to President Trump but I keep being told that President Trump does not have the right spiritual leaders around him spiritual God the Most High God anointing understand the crime understand Bible prophecy understand this this is web that's not me saying it I don't know I'm just what my sources are saying cuz every time I say that people are saying oh yeah you're telling me the president doesn't have any strong spiritual advisors yeah he does everything around him is perfect no it's not this was a good example of that he's got to be watching the sex there's no way anybody can possibly know every detail that's why we said mr. president did I serve yes I was a Marine a memory if I didn't drove for that to your once a marine always a marine you're not a brain because you don't say that well to the civilians they don't understand that I'm not active-duty Marines super five so I reported that about that I get so much at me hate mail saying well President Trump knows everything no he doesn't you can't possibly know everything he knows a lot but we need to help him you're at Camp Lejeune right now Camp Lejeune is where my grandfather was he was stationed in Camp Lejeune North Carolina my mom actually grew up a period time in North Carolina because my grandfather was stationed there Camp Lejeune me being in the Marines I I never went to Camp Lejeune ever I was in Pendleton I did boot camp even though I was from Michigan I did boot camp in San Diego so I they call them Hollywood Marines I was a Hollywood marine I was security forces guarded in the seventh Fleet in chemistry of Japan and Atsugi Japan so we were basically MP MPs as soon as I got out of the Marines when you get processed out of the Marines the LAPD's right there offering marine security forces jobs right on the spot I was tempted I almost went into LAPD because they offered quite a bit of money compared to what I was making in the Marines I was tempted to say alright I'll be I'll go to LAPD but I did and I went into corporate world be a director of three fortune 100 companies before the Lord said not so fast my son not so fast I want you to be called out of the world to to glorify my name for his glory and that's what we're doing everything we do here is to glorify the name of the Most High God that's why we're bringing the light or the dark to light that's why God is doing it for the great outpouring it's great great it's great alright so we pray for discernment we pray over our military that we clean clean you're going to be alright Wells Fargo is cooked in squat you're gonna be half a man trust me you're gonna be happy man you may be happy if you're going to Grand Rapids the speak in Grand Rapids we're going to do a meet and greet somebody just sent an email I think it got off to Allison 8 8 more people gonna be at the Grand Rapids meet and greet so we're gonna do the Grand Rapids meet and greet we'll give you where we're gonna be on August 25th and August 25th who knows maybe Wells Fargo will give you a surprise before we get up the August 25th and those who are coming in Grand Rapids if you promise not to have any electronic devices to tape me me me share a little bit more about the mortgage fraud and how it's gonna work how it's gonna work back in your favor how it's gonna be returned to the people big great times great times God's giving back what was rightly ours so crazy times great times now it's time to spread the glory of the Lord all over the place from east to west myself so we pray over each and every one of you that you may be a light to a family member to a friend or even a stranger in these end days because we are in the eternal planning business where he planning souls for eternal life and they need the Lord Jesus Christ he is the way the truth and the life he is our king of kings and Lord of hosts he is the way the only way he is our commander-in-chief and we salute him and bow to him and give Him glory glory glory glory glory it's all about his glory god bless him and god bless each and every one of you until next time god bless


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