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Why do you want to be a military nurse? (Audio Described)

September 13, 2019

Why do you want to be a military nurse? Air Force second lieutenant Jerrica Chikka I actually was already a civilian nurse in critical care so I joined the military actually to be more involved see take care of those on the ground on the largest-scale there’s so many opportunities as far as the military goes as far as some nursing being able to travel and just really take care of the soldiers that are really out there on the ground coming in and needing that skillfulness from a critical care nurse Army sergeant Jason Mortham I became a military nurse so well originally I was in the medic and 82nd Airborne Division and missions slowed down a little bit so I wanted to find a way to continue serving continue finding my own mission and the military mission as well so nursing was the way to do that continue serving helping our brothers and sisters in combat and coming over from overseas and get them back to health Navy lieutenant Traci Tullius I became a military nurse because I wanted to take care of our service members that were being injured in the war I it was after the Gulf War started and I wanted to make sure that I was there to take care of people my brother is active duty marine at the time and I wanted to be there to take care of my brother and people like him Army First Lieutenant Joshua Calloway I became an Army nurse because I was originally enlisted in the Army as an infantryman I knew I wanted to be in medical field so I thought no better population to take care of than our servicemembers Army Captain Tracy Outlaw I became a military nurse because I joined the military right after Desert Storm as a medic different services have different ways of doing things but in the end all nurses come together and we really love taking care of the patients here Navy Lieutenant junior grade Anne Sanchez Echenique I became a military nurse primarily due to the service of both of my parents they both served in the Army and I grew up just around that and they both kind of installed this desire in me to serve and do my part too MHS logo for more information on how you can become a military nurse go to a graphic to thank nurses on National Nurses Week May 6 to 12

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