Why'd You Join The Military? (INFANTRY EDITION) | Joining The Army (2019)

July 27, 2019

what is up YouTube welcome back to the channel I'm Ben L and for those of you that are new and in today's video if you guys have already seen it but I had to re-edit it a little bit you know just to meet some specific guidelines and stuff like that but it's infantry interviews right so pretty much you know just getting a bunch of the dudes that I work with right my fellow soldiers and asking them why they join the infantry you know is it has it met their expectations you know what do they like about it what they dislike about it and just pretty much stuff like that and just little disclaimer these are their own personal opinions and do not represent the army as a whole or as an organization these are just their personal beliefs their personal stories but without further ado I hope you all enjoy the video let's get to it you I'm signed in solids I'm from originally born in Cuba from Miami not stuck in El Paso Texas nice all right so why'd you join the army so I don't really have a plant like happy to follow me after school what I was gonna do but I wanted to go to college or not and I was like I was basically a shut-in stay in my house with a bunch of handle games come out my friends all the time and my mom got cancer that's when I decided like I don't want to be a burden on her life so my initial I want to be a medic but the wait time was like six months and I wanted to get out as fast as possible so I never being the infantry okay so how do you like the infantry so far that's not me how many years have you been in so I'm busting it's six years and March nice what advice would you give to somebody who's thinking about joining the military and infantry in particular so tea party huh anybody's trying to join the military like – just looking up information on what specific job we're going to and then for the dude you just want to go straight into loving bang bang and do all the high speed stuff that you see buying the commercials or whatnot I say you guys talk to like a real impingement I don't you talk to them it's not all about shooting this or shooting that I mean there's a lot of paperwork involved in me bouncing it off but all the stuff that you build up – but if you're all about that infantry life you want come on and stay outside and be cold all day I suggest go for and then face just go for it what's the worse that could happen you failing and you know that you sorry again yep what do you like most about the army I say be a people I met in the army I met a lot of very people from all around you know now he's I'm living my whole life so I got to meet dudes from like New York California Michigan the class Kentucky who knows about the best Wisconsin it's not in a real place but yeah it's crazy that definitely the people in the army people I've had the joy of being with and then I think see what what happened then you had the drug you know if they still gave me a good lesson in life yep now what do you dislike the most about the army I think right now my current position is just over thinking's the small stuff gonna do I'm always overthinking everything so like I just build on stress that shouldn't be there in the first place and trying to like part ways with you know trying to lead a squad when when all the stress is assisted you some form of bands desires okay all right thank you for your time gonzo PFC items from chitin South Carolina all right so why'd you join the army Adams well I joined the army because uh you know I got a lot of younger siblings kind of be a role model for them show them that you could actually be something in life you have to be like a scum or like some person who wants to escape on these in life okay cool Oh would you say the army hasn't met your expectations well – s met the expectations but every day it's something new so I can never know what to expect okay like that Oh what do you dislike the most about the army like they tell you one thing and then they'll change it everything like five minutes later okay can I get some others so you say like inconsistency is what you dislike the most yeah okay what else what's your MOS 11 Bravo how do you like that it's amazing you like it – it's amazing but you know it's push you to your limits you know you can't just be another average Joe you have to go above and beyond expectations okay what else would you say you dislike about the army shitbag soldiers and what constitutes has a shitbag soldier people who just like to skate by and fucking feed off of other other people's work and take credit for this year okay you could give any advice to anybody thinking about joining 11 Bravo or choosing that as an MOS what would you tell them make sure this is much like you don't just join because you know people say it's all whoever look you have to choose your own opinion so do your research make sure you fit and actually able to do what you sign up to do okay thanks Adams okay sorry Powell I'm from Houston Texas and I'm 11 bar from the United States Army why do you decide to join the army it had a lot of career opportunities lot more than other branches okay what do you dislike the most about the army micromanagement can you elaborate well so as an NCO a lot of people are down your throats for a lot of things and I understand why put some funds who just gets on my nerves okay yeah I get you on that how was life back home like was it good like like was that one of the reasons that like you know coax you into the military lifestyle I don't really want to answer that question okay perfect man it's good but um if you could give advice to anybody who's thinking about joining the army what would it be make sure you know what you want to do and be fully committed to that decision okay all right thank you for coming on to the channel I appreciate it I also be filming a Marines vs. Army video with Starbound like a week or two so look out for that guys but I think so why'd you do in the army roadie better mullah and has it been better since you've joined oh yeah how was your your home life before okay what do you like the most about the army it's not a question don't work like the feet see I don't like so you like working out yeah so what do you dislike most about the army so the main one is like Bill is like change up shit so you get shit told for you get told to do so I'm at the last second okay so just like inconsistency yeah okay I like it give a advice that you would give to anybody thinking about joining right now look at make sure you worked out make sure myself make sure you choose a job that you know you want to be and I make in order to like prepare for I face it make sure you get with partners that's like a big right thank you ready all right guys that's pretty much it right you guys saw about four or five different interviews of the soldiers that I work with then give you an insight as to what to expect you know in the Army infantry you know stuff like that I really hope you all enjoyed it if you guys like videos like this and you want to see more interviews done on this channel chop it down in the comment section below right and also comment down below who your favorite interviewee was right was it Sargon solace Sartain Powell PFC Adam's right PFC rody you know let me know but yeah guys make sure you guys like comment subscribe and everything like that alright guys and I'll see you on the next one later


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    Sgt powell is staring into my soul 👻 kinda spooked me lol still badass.

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    Does how well you perform in basic and ait have anything to do with where they send you for your first duty station?

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    I wish I could live in the USA! This is the coolest country in the world! You guys are the best! good luck to you! thank you Ben!

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    I joined the infantry to shoot people in the face.

    What you get is b.s. details. Counting your con ex 50 times a day, stinky nut sacks and ass in the hot or freezing never ending field exercise, SHARP training, etc. etc.

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    Great video

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    Dope video and crew. Powell is intense, you can tell

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    Absolutely wonderful this video.. That’s very great to hear it, Thank you to all for your excellent service

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    Thank you for making helpful videos , I ship out June 30th next year cause I’m in the Delayed entry program , your videos helped me a lot thank you a lot!

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