WORST NIGHTMARE for the US Air Force !!! Russian Air Force Aircraft Documentry

July 26, 2019

Ignore the click bait title and enjoy this brief look at Soviet airpower. Aircraft mechanics are always the first to appear at an airfield on land. They are the real masters behind all military aircraft Until the Sortie begins none of the engineers knows which crew will flight I like pilots and navigators who may operate different types technicians always remain loyal to just one machine pre-Flight routines for [Front-line] aviation in Russia differ greatly from common practice in many Nato Air Forces Where technicians check only the most critical parts of an aircraft between successive missions? at Russian aviation technicians check absolutely everyone at the aircraft systems before each and every flight If there's any doubts about evil one component the flight is canceled Before any [flood] its traditional for pilots to add the finishing touch by polishing the skylight Which is what flight crews call the glass canopy over the cockpit? This fighter bomber is affectionately known in Russia as the [duckling] because of its flattened nose cone Concealed beneath the outer skin is a special radar antenna which helped crew to take control of immediate Airspace and Lock-on to any Target whether it's on the land on the water or in the air The Su-34 has a comfortable cockpit designed for long-Haul flights [two] people can stand [upright] behind the seats there's also a toilet and cooking facilities This aircraft was originally designed for Naval pilot training to teach them how [to] land on aircraft carriers But while it was being designed and built the new machine was redesignated for combat duties Su-34 Fullback Crew – maximum speed 1,900 Km/h Combat Radius 1,100 kilometers service ceiling 17,000 meters maximum takeoff weight 44,000 360 kilograms as A bomber the Su-34 is capable of destroying ground targets all warships its weaponry weighs up to 8 tons But the airframe has excellent flying characteristics [making] it a highly effective fighter It's highly maneuverable [an] air [comet] able to defend itself as well as to seek out and destroy enemy planes in the air In Russia every pilot and navigator has his own particular specialization offensive Air combat or bombing But whatever field a young pilot chooses his road to [achieving] the status of flying ace will never be fast After graduating from the military academy endless flight simulator training begins that's followed by exams and flight with instructors Then a minimum number of solo flight hours and the beginners takeoffs gradually become combat training you Only after four [years] of military Service can a pilot fulfill practically any airborne [tasks] that might be asked of him you pilots often joke about this Su-24 aircraft Saying that it flies [like] an iron It's a powerful heavy and stable bomber that can carry out a missile and bomb attack against a target in almost all weather conditions [even] [at] night Its most prominent feature is the variable Geometry of its wings the Pilot can select any one of four different configurations During the takeoff phase the wings are extended to their maximum angle to generate the most lift Su-24 Fencer crew to maximum speed 1400 Km/h Combat Radius 560 kilometers service ceiling 11,000 meters maximum takeoff weight 39,000 700 kilograms It's [wedding] [Mc]. Bull or Buffalo is a symbol of strength and power What the beast has no natural enemies [wasn't] weak you know by my first flight in this aircraft went well Me up on my colleagues congratulated me in keeping with tradition. They all sat on the [nosewheel] [a] billion You luke would be up they would be oh Willis, I was left with very warm impressions and memories of that flight In combat mode the Su-24 Swings are swept back almost flat against the fuselage this reduces drag allowing for much greater speed and maneuverability Operating combat aircraft at night is always dangerous At Sunset even small clouds can blur the Horizon as sky merges with ground pilots orientate themselves by instruments and with help from ground control with the latest in Guidance Technology this ultra-Modern bomber can attack land targets in virtually any weather conditions and to the dark That's why night flying exercises are given extremely high priority After sunset takeoff and landings are practiced until [late] into the night you This aircraft has acquired worldwide Renown along with other brands like the Kalashnikov rifle, or the Russian ballet? The MiG-29 A Lightweight all-weather frontline fighter that somehow appears to Defy the laws of Gravity Nato has given the MiG-29 the codename fulcrum because of its extreme manoeuvring stability The actual Fulcrum [point] is hidden the aircraft design There's no fuselage in the strict sense of the word in its place is an enlarged wing route The upper Surface of the cockpit graduates into the wings forming an Airflow vortex a little like a tornado This generates a dramatic increase in lift Allowing the fighter to perform quite unbelievable turns at Supersonic speed The MiG-29 has earned international praise as one of the world's most effective and safe combat fighters An engineer was once asked what kept the aircraft flying during its spectacular maneuvers He replied that it was the thousands of hands of the people who had created it The MiG-29s primary Short-distance weapon is the controllable P73 missile with infrared targeting system [443] Attack [Loco] 443 Launch authorized Observing the operation 443 titan on track 443 ready Roger launched authorized The Pilot can choose between missiles or gunfire throughout any stage of an airborne maneuver Yeah, what I grew up near the airbase so every flight that took off from lipetsk airbase was right in front of my eyes [I] Dreamed of becoming a pilot ever since I was a [child] I wanted to become a fighter pilot to perform all those amazing Exercises in the air my dream came true and now I fly the MiG-29 [I] truly believe that this aircraft is one of the finest aircraft in the world It lets you do so many different things as a pilot. [I'm] absolutely delighted with it Mig-29 Fulcrum Crew [1] maximum speed 2,400 Km/h Combat Radius [3,000] kilometers service ceiling 18,000 meters maximum takeoff weight 18,000 500 kilograms 269 takeoff [269] [takeoff] you Will hunt 250 ford left 300 level? In the Russian Air Force every combat aircraft has its own number on the radio Neither pilots nor controllers will ever say the aircraft type only its designated number 250 for 8 clear to land Air traffic controllers have full command of all aircraft movements around the base They give permission for engine starter takeoff and landings and then remain in contact with all crews at flight relaying information about any passenger liners flying within a 100 kilometer radius of the base Combat Aircraft are vectored away from conflicting traffic. So they can perform their exercises a safe distance from Civilian Aeroplanes 269 returned to Zone 6 600 [Roger] 600 Two Russian pilots this aircraft is known as the rook The airplane went through a baptism of fire in the early 80s when the soviet [Union] was engaged in its military campaign in Afghanistan Among pilots the Su-25 is especially known for its high levels of survivability Su-25 attack aircraft often returns safely to base having sustained heavy damage With just one engine with damaged ailerons or bullet traces on the cockpit canopy up to 25 frog foot Crew [1] maximum speed 1,000 Km/h Combat Radius 1,250 kilometers service ceiling 7,000 meters maximum takeoff weight 19,000 kilograms current versions of the Su-25 attack aircraft are still in active service in Russia, Ukraine belarus Angola, Afghanistan and several other countries The Su-25 has a combat aircraft that was designed to provide air support to ground Forces on the Battlefield [yeah], I love this plane very much people usually say I'm either a bomber or a fighter But I tell them no guys I'm neither of those you're wrong. I'm an attacker. [I've] [done] my yoga. It's a proud name That's why they called it the [route] because it looks like what you know the brook is a proud and beautiful bird Fearsome in its way okay. That's when you approach the aircraft you greet him in your mind. You say come on Pal We'll go on a flight now, and everything's Gonna be all right [well–that's] we have a tradition when a left-handed takes a 25 out for the first time He gives out cigarettes once he's landed I was there who does he give them to to the instructor who trained him and showed him everything [all]? It gives a pack to him even if the instructor doesn't smoke he gets a pact with the pilot signature Yeah, we [both] feel I've trained something like six left hands, and I still have every one of those side packs at home Obama [Major] [General] [Alexandra] Chesky is the officer wearing the light blue flying suit [he] is the commanding officer at the lipetsk airbase Under his supervision, [these] pilots are working on their aerobatic routine once Airborne these aviators will execute the Su-27s trademark maneuvers, they are the Falcons Russia's Famous Air display team, they're said to dance in the air Aerobatics are notoriously risky it takes Teamwork coordination and pinpoint accuracy They fly to the absolute extremes of the Aircraft's manoeuvrability [at] high speed and with wingtips just centimetres apart quite apart from the spectacle close formation flying also has a tactical purpose when aircraft fly in such close proximity They're interpreted by enemy radar as a single larger plane As soon as the group reaches its destination the formation splits with each aircraft diverting to its own allocated task Alexander Carr Chesky is a veteran high-level solo aerobatic pilot the bell is his favorite figure a complex and dangerous air combat maneuver the fighter Gathers speed in a vertical climb then Suddenly hangs motionless in the air the Su-27 has built as an almost perfect glider, but also has extremely powerful engines a Combination that allows the pilot to float in the [air] at minimum height and very low speed Immediately after landing the commander studies each flight with technicians and pilots He is well known as an undefeated aviator In the Atlantic ocean he triumphed over American F-15 fighter pilots in training maneuvers He beat South Africa's best pilot in a training flight At [Colmar] airbase in France he was offered the chance to fly a simulated combat mission in the mirage 2000 Despite never having seen the aircraft or ever flown it. He climbed into the cockpit took off and won the challenge His French counterparts [was] [stunned] and rewarded his outstanding airmanship with an honorary decoration The lippert Air base commander has secured the majority of his air victories in the su-27 Su-27 Flanker crew won Maximum speed 2500 [Km/h] Combat Radius 1680 kilometers service ceiling eighteen thousand [five] [hundred] meters Maximum takeoff weight Thirty thousand kilograms Well the su-27s primary objective with its excellent aerodynamic characteristics is to gain and Maintain air supremacy It's not easy to protect which pilot might win the One flying a modern aircraft or a Second-generation plane the Outcome will depend on the airman skill as [well] as the conditions prevailing during the manoeuvres There's not one best aircraft But the pilot who acquires the target first and makes best use of the weapon systems is the one who will prevail Once flying is over the aircraft is sent to a distant hangar on the base Pilots can return to their homes There are no combat missions in peacetime you


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    Stay out of our air space or no supper for you two tonite! 🍼🍪

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    look closely it’s a remodelled su57 With extra SUPERGLUE.

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    We already know that you join force to china just to defeat USA. But can't be happen.
    You china and russia and also thier allies will change the world.
    After the few years of WW3, rome Will take over the world. Then another nightmare to world because they implement the mark of the beast…
    No one can buy and sell if have no mark (microchips) that control you where ever you go.
    Advantages of the microchips, the Government trace you if make a crime.
    But also trace you too if the Government make move against democracy or right of individuals.
    That time JesusChrist nearly come. When JesusChrist come all evil will destroyed.
    All happening in the world connected to the bible and the servant of God…

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    At 4:45 what’s that white thing darting around beneath the jet ??

  • Reply Alan Werner July 26, 2019 at 3:52 pm

    At 4:45 what’s that white thing darting around beneath the jet ??

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    Russia dominate the sky and space

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    Worst nightmare and the first thing you see are jets being pulled off the runway. Baaahaaa.

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    The only people that should be afraid are the pilots that have to fly this crap.

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    this is an old shit, the TRUTH is that these obsolete "JET POWERED" crap along with the others from around the planet are so far behind the military industrial complex in USA and ENGLAND, it's sad to think that Antigravity technology is been around since 1959, the last platform I heard of was the QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT TELEPORTATION DISK, just think about what that name implies. it fly at the speed of thought , jets are NO MATCH for something like that, those spacecraft would employ particle beam and other lethal "things" will go to another star system in the blink of an eye, but what do I know, now the EMVs or Electromagnetic Vehicles from God's corner are absolute owners of the Universe, no even the E.Ts can approach them, they see them with Awed , Dr. Norman Bergrun first exposed them to all of us in details in 1989 in his book RINGMAKERS OF SATURN, THESE OBJECTS ARE AS BIG AS THE ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM OR AS LITTLE AS A GRAIN OF SAND, THEY ARE THE TOOLS OF CREATION OR HANDS OF GOD. the TRUTH IS SO FAR OUT I feel sad when I see the stupidity of these type of videos, as long as we continue to be divided, instead of one planet -one race-no money system, we will continue to be slaves of this mentality, wasting resources and minds to kill each other instead of the opposite
    Our Creator will take drastic action at some point as it have done 4 times before, remember the Titans and the Giants before them, their petrified bodies still right where they were petrified by one of those EMVs

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    Must be an old documentry, those planes are all outdated

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    obviously, the title to this video is sarcasm; here' some REAL air force might!! cover your ears… …

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    is the title of this video meant as a joke? It;s gotta be…….Russian military air force doesn't come close to that hardware the U.S. has. These are toys compared to the U.S. modern fighter jets and the software capabilities we have. You want to be be impressed and shocked….check this out…

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    If Russia could make so many fast airplanes why don’t they do something good for society. Like developing a super sonic plane that really works.

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    This is an advert for the Russian Airforce right? It couldn't be more scripted if they tried. Interesting but take with a large dose of salt… "the fighter aircraft has enough room in back for two pilots to stand vertical and a kitchen area for food in flight… WTF? " Ditch the kitchen weight and give me more SPEED, Ivan.

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    Russian fighter jets are beautiful, they for sure can outmaneuver almost anything! But, this is a big but! We are no longer where dogfights will matter. So Russian jets are obsolete. Swedish JAS can and will defeat any Russian jet because of its highly developed EWF. It is all about electronics warfare. Ask German Phantom pilots how it feels to without a warning have a JAS at its wing side just saying hello!

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    Worst nightmare for Russian pilots….the Cobra maneuver! 🙂 But yes…Russia did in fact build the best rocket engines on the planet.

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    Old pieces of shit vs a raptor F-22. lol.

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    Military hardware always needs new insights

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    Most military Technology rivals Global eye sight

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    Russian Technology rivalry has always been a welcome surprise

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    Russia have never been to war in the modern age with another super power, instead, they went against the Taliban and lost, terribly.
    With China, they were behind the,
    and now,
    Irag and Syria (currently made an embarrassment by Israel) wars.
    To believe this Russian hangover, is a great line for romance.

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    All you Americans posting shit on how tough America is are so FKN stupid ,!! You believe your bullshit government feeds you !! If you Americans are so tough why do involve all other countries to go to war with you?ill tell you why it's because in reality you's are piss weak your army is so weak America has not once in its history won a war on its own and your government is always the aggressor !! Have you stupid Americans forgotten the Vietnam war and if it wasn't for all other nation in the Korea war you wouldn't be here now!! Wake up and stop this war monger in the world,if America went to war with Russia you will no doubt comit suicide we Australians have fought much better in every war you put us in than you week yanks,the sooner we distance ourselves from you criminals the safer Australia will be!!!

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    Russian plane crash today in Moscow, killing more than 41

    watch this ;


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    Respects to Mother Russia
    The only and The Most Powerful Country in the World!!!

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